Why do people choose the currency exchange

Why do people choose the currency exchange

Financial leverage

Margin during foreign currencies exchange allows you to control more funds than those available on the trading deposit. With margin leverage, a trader can earn maximum profit and, at the same time, saves his starting capital. If a Forex broker offers you 200:1 leverage, it means with $50 deposit you will be able to buy and sell the currency for $10,000. Accordingly, a capital of $500 may be extended to the retail volume of $100,000.

Currency trading at any time

Except for Saturdays and Sundays, currency exchange never sleeps. During the other days of the week, you can trade currencies day and night. That is why traders rarely have a question about Trading time, they have a lot of it.


One of the most important advantages of the Forex market is an ability to profit with a few mouse clicks while sitting in front of the PC monitor. Traders earn by selling short or long positions.

For example, if you believe that the U.S. dollar will increase in value against Japanese yen, you bet on the dollar and sell the yens. The right solution is the current task of any trader. In the foreign exchange market, trade potential always exists.

A wide variety of trading platforms

Forex market is not only huge; it is also cost-effective. Using a trading platform, you instantly buy or sell currencies. You can install to your computer any of the existing trading platforms, which will help you open and close positions.

Demo mode

Almost every brokerage company offers demo accounts, where you can practice trading in the market without risking your funds. Trading on a demo account occurs in real conditions, the only difference is that the profit and loss are virtual.

Retail trade

Do not think you need a lot of money for trading in Forex. Most companies and brokers offer start-up account with a minimum deposit even of one dollar. It gives an opportunity to become a participant of the Forex market to people of all financial categories without a large starting capital.

Due to these points, it becomes clear why people trade Forex: it is profitable, convenient, and affordable for everyone who wants to try themselves in this trade.

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